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Precision crimps prevent signal loss! Use with RG59 and RG6 COAXIAL CABLE. Features include: Adjustable Jaw Tension. Precision crimp for all F56 and F59 HEX Connectors (Fittings).   Do not use this tool with compression connectors.  Click on the picture if you are not sure.

Ratcheting Action - Ergonomic Design - Provides a clear view of connector as it's compressed and locked into place. Pre-calibrated for use with Digicon S Series Connectors. Also works with PPC EX6XL, Gilbert Ultraseal, Thomas & Betts Snap-N-Seal, and PCT-DRS F56/59 connectors. (FIXED THROW = 21.0 mm / NON-ADJUSTABLE). Click on the picture for more details about this tool.

Works with: Telewire Digicon S Series Connectors, Gilbert ULTRA SEAL CONNECTORS, PPC-EX6XL, Thomas and Betts Snap 'n Seal Connectors, PCT-DRS, and Cablecon CX3 Connectors. Fixed Throw / Non-Adjustable.

PPC VT-200 Compression Crimp Tool - $69.99
Works with RG6, RG7 and RG11 Cable.  PPC Connectors recommended for use with this tool include: CMP6 • EX59XL • EX7 • EX11 • EX320QR • CMP6Q • EX59XLWS • EX7N716 • EX11N716 • EX320QRWS • CMP59 • EX59XLHE • EX7N716WS • EX11N716WS • CMP59Q • EX6XL • CMP11 • CMPF-MINI and EX6XLWS.  This tool will also work with all Digicon S-Series Connectors:  DS59 • DS6 • DS6Q and DS6U.

STEREN DELUXE CRIMP TOOL for RJ11 / RJ12 / RJ45 Plugs - $29.99
Cuts, Strips and Crimps RJ11, RJ12 and RJ45 Plugs (6x4, 6x6, and 6x8) for phone and ethernet use.  Durable quality machined steel body.  Ergonomic handle: designed to minimize physical effort and discomfort, and hence maximize efficiency.

Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripper$12.99
Quick effortless preparation of RG6 coaxial cable every time. Tight fittings and better connections equal more gain and less signal loss. This tool will allow you to decrease your effort while increasing your effectiveness. Less time on the job equals more profit. Complete tool - cutting cassette included.  Reverse the cutting cassette and use to strip RG59 coaxial cable.

Cable Termination Tool - $25.99
Used to unlock and remove cable TV terminators ~ those pesky things that spin and spin when you attempt to remove them. 7-inch termination tool for use with Gilbert locking terminators. Long-lasting steel ears are guaranteed for one year.

Cable Security Tool - $9.99
This tool was designed and manufactured to install and un-install metal and plastic cable TV security shields - orignally used to prevent rogues from stealing cable TV service - now used extensively in the hospitality business to prevent rogues from stealing televisions from motel rooms.  These security tools can also be used to secure parental control units, DVD players, and satellite receivers. Click on the picture for details.  See the panel below for security sleeves.

Cable Security Shields - $.79 each
Designed and manufactured orignally to prevent rogues from stealing cable TV service - these shields are now used extensively in the hospitality business to prevent rogues from stealing television sets from motel rooms.  These security shields can also be used to secure parental control units, DVD players, and satellite receivers. Click on the picture for details.  See the panel above for the insertion/removal tool.

Liquid Filled for Fast Readability with Sturdy Metal Case. Floating Luminous Dial. Adjustable Luminous Marching Line. Thumb Hold and Magnifying Viewer. Sighting Hairline Ideal for Locating Positions on a Map or in the Field. PERFECT FOR SATELLITE INSTALLERS!

Pocket Cable Tester (Toner) - $24.99
Necessary equipment for professional cable, security and satellite installers.  Eliminate the hassle of physically tracing wires. This rugged pocket tone generator will allow you to trace coaxial cables effortlessly and accurately. Absolutely essential when you're faced with a bundle of wires running in all directions - and you don't have a clue where they're going.

Coax Mapper - $49.99
This handy tester is designed for satellite, cable and security camera installations.  It tests multi-run coax cables terminated with F-connectors from a central source.  It has the ability to put a tone signal on a coax cable, as well as find and identify multiple coax cables connected to a coax splitter.  Individually-identified test terminators allow you to trace and identify up to 4 drops at a time from the main cable box.

SUUNTO Tandem Compass and Inclinometer - $199.99
Two instruments in one: Compass and Inclinometer.  Liquid-filled precision instrument determines direction (azimuth) to satellite and elevation of the satellite measured from the horizon. Used to determine direction and elevation of satellite for pinpoint accuracy.  Professional installers should never leave home without this device!

Close-Out Tools and Accessories at Discounted Prices
If you don't see it here, we may have it on close-out at a discounted price.  The cable market is constantly fluctuating - manufacturers come and manufacturers go away - oftentimes leaving us with a variety of tools and accessories in short supply. We discount those items and list them on our close-out page.  It's first come, first served - so, it's wise to check there often.

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