Satellite Meter with 22KHz LED - $19.99
Visual Read-Out Meter. The 22KHz LED glows when the receiver is eminating a 22KHz tone to change LNB polarity ~ especially helpful when installing Dish Network or DirecTV oval dishes and free-to-air satellite systems employing DiSEqC technology. Works with ALL satellite systems. Voltage supplied by connected satellite receiver.  This is absolutely the  top-of-the-line visual read-out satellite meter for under $50- excellent product.

Sathero (Sat Hero) Satellite Meter SH-200 - $199.99
Sathero SH-200 works anywhere in the world and is a lightest and most practical Digital Satellite TV Signal meter in the world. It is a professional satellite finder tool of cost effective design for the satellite TV installer or end user.  SH-200 packs a lot of features in a very small box. Our first meter in the Sathero line to use our exclusive Fast Sweep Technology. This meter give you the maximum bang for the buck.  More Info

Sathero (Sat Hero) Satellite Meter SH-500G with GPS - $299.99
Fast Sweep Technology - Tests the cable - Auto Scan, Blind Scan and TP Scan - Shows power and NIT value - 13/18V indicator lights - 22K indicator light - Motor controls - GPS quickly finds your Latitude and Longitude - Azimuth and Elevation - Angle Calculator that uses GPS - ALL settings can be entered on the fly - Audio / Video inputs - Audio / Video outputs - Can be used for aligning security cameras - USB software upgrade cable included - High-capacity lithium battery - Features - Specs -

BIRDOG USB PLUS Satellite Signal Locator USB DW - $449.99
Spectrum Analyzer (Clear and easy to use) - QPSK constellation diagram - Detailed diagnosis of digital satellite signals - Custom Carrier - Create your own file while on site and see it ‘lock’ - Data Log - Upload your installation readings to your pc - LNB / cable test (Measure for open or short circuit in LNB & cable) - Dual display for DTV 101/119 (See two satellites at one time, also works with SWM) - DTV SWM histogram function (Up to 9 simultaneous carrier (frequency) measurements) - See Spec Sheet for More

BIRDOG ULTRA Satellite Signal Locator - $579.99
The Birdog Ultra satellite signal finder is a small, lightweight signal meter. It has become the meter of choice because of its ability to rapidly find the satellite and peak the dish to the highest signal due to compatibility with the latest encryption coding, including 8PSK Turbo. DIRECTV™ approved.  See Spec Sheet for Details