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Winegard® 30 Inch Dish with Universal Feed Bracket -  $69.99
Designed for easy installation, has 360° azimuth and 20° to 70° elevation adjustments. Universal feed support for all popular brands of LNBF's. Manufactured from 21 gauge galvanized steel, finished with a seven step, textured thermoset powder coat. A hydrophobic additive in the finish increases water and snow repellent action. The mount is manufactured from galvanized steel(1.66" OD) and is E-coated for maximum protection. All hardware has a highly corrosive resistant finish.  LNBF NOT INCLUDED.

This Single-Feed (Linear-Polarized) Ku Band LNBF is designed to fit the universal mount satellite dish above. Linear-polarized Ku satellite LNBFs require skewing for maximum signal interception - therefore, we recommend this LNBF be used only in conjunction with a Satellite  Dish Equipped with a Universal Mounting Bracket.  RF: 11.7 ~ 12.2 GHz / IF: 950 ~ 1450 MHz / Noise Figure: 0.5 dB / LO: 10.75 GHz.

Avenger LNBFs are High Stability, High Gain Ku LNBFs.  Input Frequency of 11.7 to 12.75 GHz gives them extended use for those special applications. US standard 10.750 GHz LO for ease of set up. Super low noise of 0.2dB makes it the best available LNBF for the money. Standard 40mm LNBF throat allows it to be mount to just about any dish with a universal mount. Extra long throat adjustments allow finding the focal point even on poorly designed dishes.

DBS6000HD High Def MPEG4 Digital Receiver - $169.99
Built with the rock solid Fujitsu H60 processor that is well known for it's ability and features. Not only can this receiver do MPEG4 but it handles HD with ease and provides a sweet USB interface for PVR functions.  Traxis receivers have long been the gold standard in FTA and we now bring you the top of the line MPEG4 receiver with HD and PVR capability. From the moment you turn this receiver on you will realize that you have a quality piece of equipment.

Extended C-Band LNB - $39.99
EXTREME LOW-NOISE C-BAND LNB.  Manufactured for use with the larger C-Band Satellite Dishes equipped with a feedhorn (7 foot / 10 foot / 12 foot dishes typical).  13° C BAND LNB.  LO 5150 MHz.  Input: 3.4 - 4.2 GHz.  Output: 950 - 1750 MHz.  Gain: 65 dB Typical

4 LNB Adapter Bracket for Elliptical Dish - $9.99
This 4-LNBF Yoke Adapter Bracket allows for mounting 4 rectangular tube LNBFs on a  elliptical dish and automatically aligns Satellites 119, 110, 101 and 91. Hardware pack included. Dish shown when picture is clicked ia a DirecTV SlimLine.

Powered Distribution Amplifier ~ 20 dB Gain - $16.99
Use this device to amplify ( increase) level before splitting the signal off to several different televisions.  Distribution Amplifier in the UHF/VHF/FM range.  20 dB ~ variable ~ gain control.  Amplifies incoming analog cable TV signals or the output from digital cable TV converters, digital satellite receiver output, off-air antennas, or any other modulated signal in the UHF, VHF, FM range.  Powered by 110 VAC.  Compare at $39.99 in local electronics stores!

Powered Distribution Amplifier ~ 30 dB Gain - $29.99
The new CTA-30A has been specifically designed for the higher end home distribution market where a flat, full bandwidth amplifier is required. The low noise and high output capability makes this amplifier ideal for systems with either the weakest or strongest input signals. The IC amplifiers offer both advanced reliability as well as a higher return loss which insures the continued flatness within the distribution system. 30 dB ~ variable ~ gain control. In / Out ~ FM filter trap. Powered by 110 VAC. Compare at $79.99 in local electronics stores!  Item Specifics