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Python™ S-Video with TOSLINK DIGITAL OPTICAL (Molded POD)
This is a combination you may not find anywhere - at any price but don't let these low prices fool you! It is a premium quality Super-Video (S-VHS) Cable and a TOSLINK Digital Optical Cable injection-molded into a single pod for transfer of BOTH Digital Audio and Digital Video in the highest possible purity. Audiophiles declare there is nothing comparable to Toslink for transferring true Dolby Digital Sound while avid videophiles heap praise on the superiority of super video - This is the best of both worlds!

Python™ Component-Video / Optical-Audio Cables provide high-definition A/V signal transfer between DVD players or HD Satellite Receivers and high-end TVs or monitors. Optimum picture resolution, premium color and maximum sound quality. The pure oxygen-free RG59 3-RCA Component Video Cables utilize precision 75Ω impedance and 24K gold-plated connectors for maximum video signal transfer. High-Purity Wide-Band Audio Transmission is routed through P.M.M.A. Fiber utilizing precision convex lens for true Dolby Digital Audio.

PRO-GRADE Component-Video to Component-Video ~ 12 FOOT - $8.99
Connects TVs, DVDs and other components equipped with component video ports. Precision machined 24 karat gold plated RCA connectors. Double shielded cable prevents interference providing maximum video performance. Oxygen-Free copper for improved clarity and high resolution picture quality. Easy installation with flexible cable. MSRP: $24.99 - Buy It Now for only $8.99

White or black RG6 coaxial cable cut in 100 foot lengths and terminated with weather-proof F56 connectors attached at both ends. Ideal for satellite and cable installations OR for any audio/video application: security systems, camcorders, surveillance cameras, etc. 100% Foil Shield ~ 60 Braid ~ 3 GHz ~ Copper-Clad Steel Center Conductor.

Double shielded cable prevents interference providing maximum video performance. Oxygen-free copper for improved clairty and high resolution picture quality. Easy installation with flexible cable. Precision machined 24 karat gold plated S-Video connectors. Great for TV, DVD, VCR, Satellite receiver, Home theater receiver, and Digital Video Recorder use.

BIRDOG USB PLUS Satellite Signal Locator - *Showcase Model - $369.99
Spectrum Analyzer (Clear and easy to use) - QPSK constellation diagram - Detailed diagnosis of digital satellite signals - Custom Carrier - Create your own file while on site and see it ‘lock’ - Data Log - Upload your installation readings to your pc - LNB / cable test (Measure for open or short circuit in LNB & cable) - Dual display for DTV 101/119 (See two satellites at one time, also works with SWM) - DTV SWM histogram function (Up to 9 simultaneous carrier (frequency) measurements).
*New unit - used in our showcase - only 1 to sell at this price!

Satellite Diplexer Signal Combiner and Splitter  (FOUR PACK) - $7.99
Satellite diplexers are used outside to combine two separate signals: one signal from the satellite dish and another signal from either an off-air TV antenna or cable TV feed into a single coaxial cable. A second satellite diplexer is used inside to separate the combined signals. Satellite diplexers eliminate the need for extra wiring thereby reducing the cost of labor and installation materials necessary to run two coaxial drops.  Insane Price: Less than $2 each!

Single "F" connector plate for 75 Ohm coaxial cable connection. Mounts flush to wall. Works with any single-gang electrical box. COLOR: WHITE.   This is an overstock Item -  awesome buy for building and electrical contractors - these same plates sell for $1.49 each in your local home-improvement stores!  Rated at 1000 MHz / 1 GHz.

Hi-Freuency Digital Splitter (2.3 GHz / 1 Port Power Passing) - $4.99
Originally $7.99.  5-2300 MHz High Frequency Splitter. Recommended for broad-band services, high-speed cable and satellite Internet. Allows high bit rate transfer and communication. Alloy cast metal. Weatherproof housing. ONE port power-passing. Professional Quality. Heavy duty.  You cannot find better quality and construction - anywhere - at any price.

DISH Pro Plus Separators for Dish Network Installations $5.99
New but not in pristine condition - These separators are some that rode around in our trucks or languished in our merchandise bins - new but may have minor blemishes - some are the low-profile type and some are the big-body style - click on the picture.  The DISH Pro Plus Separator is to be used in conjunction with a DISH Pro Plus switch or DISH Pro Plus LNBF to connect the two satellite tuner inputs of a DISH Pro Plus-compatible dual tuner receiver using one cable. Click on the picture for more information concerning this item.  Schematic Here.

Ivory Single Feed Thru Coax Wall Bushing with Knockout - Bag of 100: $5.99
Make drilled access holes look professional. Use these economical wall bushings to finish the job right.  Keeps out drafts, rain and insects.  Accommodates most RG-6 dual-shield, Tri-shield and Quad-shield coaxial cable.  Teeth around the cylinder help secure the bushing and keep it in place when used in sheet rock.  Knockouts are designed to accomodate siamese runs such as phone, ground, or data cable.

4 LNB Adapter Bracket for Elliptical Dish - $9.99
This 4-LNBF Yoke Adapter Bracket allows for mounting 4 rectangular tube LNBFs on a  elliptical dish and automatically aligns Satellites 119, 110, 101 and 91. Hardware pack included. Dish shown when picture is clicked ia a DirecTV SlimLine.

DishPro Adapter - $59.99
This adapter allows the first generation Dish Network "legacy" receivers such as the 1000, 2000, 2700, 2800, 3000, 3700, 3800, 3900, 4000, 4700, 4900, 5000, 6000, 7100 and 7200 to receive signals from the newer technology DishPro Dishes (LNBF's) such as the DishPRO 500.

6 Foot Gold-Plated HDMI to HDMI Cable   $7.99
HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the first and only industry-supported, uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface. HDMI provides an interface between any audio/video source, such as a set-top box, DVD player, or A/V receiver and an audio and/or video monitor, such as a digital television (DTV), over a single cable.

Add the third LNB to your DirecTV Phase II (ParaTodas) satellite dish antenna to capture signals from the 110° DirecTV satellite. Kit includes everything you need: C-LNB, Combiner, Screws and Jumper Cable.

25 Foot Modular Phone Cord - $1.99
Connect your satellite receiver to phone jack to access pay-per-view movies and sporting events such as NFL Sunday Ticket. Save time, money and hassle of making your own cords. Cord color may vary: Ivory and Gray.  Male Modular Plugs.

HDMI to DVI Cable (6 Foot) - $12.99
The HDMI® to DVI-D cable enables you to connect a DVI-D video card (or other DVI-D output device) to a display that incorporates HDMI technology; the cable supports bi-directional operation that also allows the reverse configuration, delivering digital video from an HDMI-enabled output to a DVI-D capable display.  Gold-Plated Connectors.

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