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Sight, Sound and Data Transfer: receivers, parts, tools, accessories and cable to install, maintain,
  repair, replace, update, or upgrade your security, surveillance, satellite or cable TV system.

Custom Cables : Metered Lengths of WHITE or BLACK SOLID-COPPER RG6
with your choice of Premium F, RCA or BNC Connectors attached. Solid Copper Center Conductor - Equipped with Concentric Crimped Connectors and Swept-Tested to 3 GHz. Ideal for satellite and cable installations OR for any audio/video application such as security systems, camcorders, surveillance cameras, etc. The Solid-Copper Center Conductor assures proper transfer rate necessary for Digital HDTV signals in both cable TV and satellite TV applications. These professional quality RG6 Coaxial Cables are custom-made here in our facility.

Satellite MultiSwitches modify LNBFs to add receivers and expand existing satellite systems.  A 4-Way MultiSwitch will convert a dual-feed LNBF to a quad-feed and an 8-Way MultiSwitch will modify the same dual-feed LNBF to accommodate up to 8 receivers. Other multiswitches convert, modify and upgrade the DISH 500 antenna, DirecTV Phase III dish, DirecTV KaKu (AT9, AU9, SlimLine) Dish, and FTA Dishes.

Satellite Diplexers, Combiners and Cable Splitters
A diplexer is used outside to combine the signal from a satellite dish with the signal from an off-air antenna or cable TV. Combined signals are then routed down a single coaxial line into the home. Inside, a second diplexer is used to separate the combined signals before they enter the satellite receiver. Diplexers eliminate the need for extra wiring thereby reducing the cost of labor and installation materials necessary to run two coaxial drops. For a basic diagram of how diplexers work, click here.

Cables and Interconnects for Voice, Video and Data
S-Video - Component - Composite - TOSLINK - HDMI - DVI - and - More
Hi-Definition HDMI Cables - Audio/Video Dubbing Cables - Super Video (S-VHS) - Component, Composite, BNC and DVI Cables to connect satellite receivers, VCR's DVD's, tape players, cable converters and other audio/video components and devices. Get better pictures and improved sound from your digital satellite system or digital cable service with these professional quality cables and interconnects.

Coaxial Cable - Siamese Cable - Phone - Speaker - Ethernet Data Wire
 in Cut Lengths and Boxed Rolls
Copper Clad RG6 Rolls - Solid Copper RG6 Coaxial Cable in Cut Lengths and Boxed Rolls (Single, Single with Ground, Dual and Dual with Ground / White or Black) - Oxygen-Free Speaker Wire - Flat 4-Conductor Phone Line - Round 2-Conductor House Wire - CAT 5e. With hundreds of thousands of feet of cable and wire in stock, we can supply any of your cabling needs.

F-Connectors, Barrel Connectors, F-Adaptors and Couplers for Coaxial Cable
Radial Compression, Hex Compression and Screw-On F-Connectors - Barrel (Splice) Connectors - Quick F Adaptors - F to RCA Adaptors - F to BNC Adaptors - Couplers for RCA, SVHS, Component Video Cables - and many more!

Installation Tools for Satellite, Cable TV, Security and Home Automation
Crimpers, Strippers, Cutters, Pocket Toners, and a host of other professional grade installation tools for cable TV, satellite TV, satellite radio and satellite Internet service. Make more money by saving time and energy with the right tools for the job. Obtain a better picture with less signal leakage with the proper tools. Dressing up your installations leads to greater customer satisfaction and generates more work through word-of-mouth advertising. Don't be penny-wise and dollar-foolish. The right tools get the job done fast - and right!

Installation Accessories for Satellite, Cable TV, Security and Home Automation
Cable Clips, F Terminators, Nail Clips, Thru-Wall Bushings, Vinyl Siding Clips,Satellite Signal Amps, Cable TV Signal Amps, Enclosure Boxes, Tripods, Non-Penetrating Roof Mounts, Cable Ties, Flat-Flexible Coaxial Cables, Pipe Adapters, Weather Boots and more! If you can't find it here, you probably don't need it but send us an email just in case you overlooked it or we forgot and left it out.

Grounding Accessories for Satellite, Cable TV, Security and Home Automation
1 GHz Standard Ground Blocks, 3 GHz Hi-Frquency Ground Blocks, 3 GHz Hi-Frquency Ground Blocks With Weather Boots, Ground Straps, Cold-Water Clamps, Split Bolts, Corner Clamps, Grounding Wire and a host of other items for proper grounding of your project.

Satellite Finders and Signal-Strength Meters
Satellite meters for every type satellite installation: satellite Internet systems, analog satellite systems and digital satellite systems. Obtain better pictures with fewer outages by tweaking the signal. In the long run, you'll be rewarded with improved customer satisfaction and generate more work through word-of-mouth advertising. What's more, you'll finish the job in much less time - time saved is money gained!

Category and Telephony Wire, Connectors, Tools, Wall plates and Accessories
CAT 5e and CAT 6 for Sight, Sound and Data Transfer: 1000 foot pull boxes of CAT 5e cable, RJ45 Modular Plugs, Crimpers for 6X6 and 8X8 Modular Plugs, and CAT patch cables in multiple lengths - plus - telephone duplex and triplex adaptors - coax and telephone flush mount wall plates - telephone modular jacks - wireless phone jacks - telephone wire - modular phone patch cords - and all the other items required to connect a phone line to your satellite receiver for Tivo service, pay-per-view movies and NFL Sunday Ticket.

Remote Controls for DirecTV and DISH NETWORK Satellite Receivers
Original OEM equipment, not aftermarket products, designed specifically to operate DISH Network and DirecTV satellite receivers manufactured by EchoStar, Phillips, JVC, RCA, Hughes and others. The universal remote control operates other devices as well: TV, VCR, DVD, Stereo, etc.

Free-To-Air Satellite and Off-Air: Systems, Accessories and Replacement Parts
Free-To-Air Satellite Dish Antennas - Multi-LNBF Brackets - Linear-Polarized Ku LNBFs - Horizon-to-Horizon Motors - Positioners - Free-To-Air Satellite Receivers and Systems - DiSEqC Switches and C-Band LNBs for the Big Dish Satellite Systems.  As the economy worsens, more and more homeowners are turning off cable and turning on FTA and OTA (over the air - terrestrial).

Satellite Dish Antennas and LNBs ~ DirecTV, DISH Network and FTA
18-Inch, 24-Inch, and 30-Inch Round Satellite Dish Antennas - HotShot Dish Antennas - DirecTV Phase III (Para Todas) Satellite Dish Antennas - DirecTV SlimLine Antennas, DISH Network DISH 500 Antennas - Single, Dual, Twin and Quad LNBF's - Dish Covers, Conversion Kits, and more.

DirecTV (Single-Wire) SWM Technology
Prior to the introduction of DirecTV's Single Wire MultiSwitch (SWM) Technology, it was necessary to run two cable drops from the dish or multi-switch to a dual-tuner DVR. In a high percentage of those installations, running two lines in a prewired home was difficult, especially those homes built on concrete slabs, designed with vaulted ceilings, or both. To service rooms with exterior walls, installers were forced to "wrap the house" with unsightly wire. Interior rooms required snaking the cable underneath carpet or fishing it through an interior wall. SWM Technology allows two individual signal-feeds to effortlessly travel down a single wire to the dual-tuner DVR.

Security and Surveillance
Your house is one of your largest assets but more importantly it is your home.  Inside its walls reside your family members, treasures, and a lifetime of memories. Securing your home from intruders is critical. Installing a home security system is one way to keep the bad guys out and the happiness in.

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